The NF (Intuitive/Feeling) Parent


Linda Sonna, Ph.D.

From Carl Jung to Myers/Briggs to Keirsey/Bates, personality typologists have written extensively about how people with each of the four temperaments view the world and relate to others. 

The unique goals and special strengths of NF parents enable them to understand and relate to their children at a deeper level than parents with other temperaments. Nevertheless, fathoming and responding to children with temperaments unlike their own is often daunting. This 5,000-word article 

  • Describes NF parents' special strengths and challenges.
  • Deepens NFs' understanding of themselves and of their children.
  • Suggests ways for NFs to capitalize on their strengths better to meet their children's emotional needs. 

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Dr. Sonna, an INFJ psychologist, has fostered 6 children and is the author of 12 parenting books. See her vita and credentials at

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