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Linda Sonna was drawn to the world of art and literature from an early age. She began writing and illustrating her poetry chapbooks at age six, finished her first non-fiction book at age 15, and wrote a weekly column for her hometown newspaper in Illinois at age 16. She abandoned her first serious attempt to study art when the teacher derided her initial painting as being below the standards of the average third grader. For the next twenty years, she focused on her work as a psychologist and author while secretly purchasing and hoarding art supplies. + After moving to Taos and spending several years soaking up the dizzying beauty of the high mountain desert amid its thriving community of artists, Sonna summoned enough courage to apply paint to canvas again in 1999. She has been painting and working with pastels and charcoal ever since. + Sonna is especially fascinated by the silent majesty of trees, and finds human metaphors and shapes echoed in the sensuous forms. She also sees their subtle forms and spirit reflected in manmade objects of all kinds. "I try to imbue images of flowers, horses, people–of whatever I am painting–with the same imposing presence and amazing combination of life, movement, and stalwart rootedness."

"Sunflowers," Oil on Canvas
28" x 32" SOLD

"Taos Trees," Oil on Canvas
17" x 32," Framed

Arab Boy, Oil on Canvas
21" x 24"

Foster Children, Acrylic on Canvas
22" x 26"

"Stallion," Acrylic on Canvas
22" x 28"


"Freudian Slip," Oil on Canvas
16" x 20"

"Still Life," Acrylic on Canvas
28" x 31"

"Sunflower," Oil on Canvas
11" x 14"

"Taos Garden 1," Oil on Canvas
14" x 11"

"Taos Garden 2," Oil on Canvas
14" x 14"

"Rio Hondo," Oil on Canvas
12" x 10," Framed

"My Garden," Oil on Canvas
12" x 18"


"Taos Trees 2," Oil on Canvas
22" x 28"
"St. Francis Church, Taos, " Oil on Canvas
14" x 18"


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